This new generation is an interesting one. Most of them were born into a world where technology has always been at the forefront. These students rely on Google, texting, social media and Wi-Fi, and they view email - not letter writing - as a formal form of communication.

NIET has been helping students write their own stories in the health care sector since its inception. Committed to providing the best jobs by creating life-changing educational opportunities and collaborative learning environments, we have stayed at the forefront of innovation in higher education, providing the tools our students need to make them industry ready from day one and make an impact in the world.

NIET has a Pyramid Finishing School, which provides training to the students according to the industry requirements giving the individual student a 360 degree in employability skills. Taking the league forward, we have established various innovation labs to provide students hands-on experience in various modern-day technologies. We impart experiential learning and thereby progressively enhance the competencies of our teaching staff and our students.

I, thus, invite you to join our movement to create Corporate Citizens who become role models, wherever they go, for developing their professional career. I promise you a challenging academic experience, with an international flavor, which will truly transform your lives.

Mr. Raman Batra