We, at NIET, believe that the whole process of teaching can be highly enhanced by using the latest technological tools which further helps the students gain a better understanding of tough concepts and gives a boost by providing the ways and means to visualize the concept being put forward by the professors, or let’s say, the education experts. Hence, the classrooms are well-equipped with projectors, computers, high-tech sound systems, OHPs and other kinds of audio-visual tools. The classrooms have ergonomically designed furniture, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, climate controlling systems, aesthetic lighting and visually pleasing interiors, that make the environment of the classroom more conducive towards learning.


The libraries at NIET occupy over 14,000 square feet area and provide students access to a vast repository of resources, including books and periodicals. The peaceful and sunlit areas provide ideal study spaces. Our libraries remain open until midnight on all days. During the examinations, they remain open for 24 hours. Completely automated library management systems make it possible to borrow books at any time of the day or night, as well as make reservations online. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available for reference in the library. Trained staff is always at hand to assist students.


While students can choose to be day scholars, we believe that campus living encourages independence and helps the students to develop the ability to adapt. The leafy (lush green) NIET campus offers delightful spaces for study, sports and social interaction. The excellent residential facilities are carefully designed according to the international standards. Three hostels on the campus offer well ventilated and comfortable rooms with separate hostels for girls and boys. Rooms are available on single/double/multi-sharing basis.

Common recreational areas develop a sense of camaraderie and foster long term bonds. The modern cafeteria, with its kitchen and airy patio is equipped to serve hundreds of students every day. Stringent, round-the-clock security arrangements and a doctor on call ensure that all student needs are attended to.

"Cooperative Mess run by students on No Profit & No loss basis"

"Stringent, round-the-clock security arrangements and a doctor on call"

Sports & Leisure

At NIET, students develop leadership and team skills, while pursuing their interests through diverse organizations. From sports and debates to the famed NIET band, the various clubs and teams reflect the wide range of personal and professional interests of our vibrant student community. Activities are student-driven, and new initiatives are always welcomed.

From cricket to basketball, athletics to yoga - students can stay fit in any way they choose. Excellent coaching facilities allow them to hone their skills and NIET teams have won much acclaim for their performance on the sports field.

NIET recently started the Marathon Club where students and other citizens of Greater Noida actively participate.

Auditorium and Gymnasium

NIET has a well-designed auditorium where many a student takes the center stage and showcase their scholastic and cultural talents. The auditorium provides students a platform to engage in various extra-curricular activities and build their personalities. In order to help students keep their bodies fit along with their minds, a state-of-the-art gymnasium equipped with the latest exercise machines is available to the students.


The institute has very good facility of Gymnastic activities for student's fraternity. Facilities are provided under the guidance of an able Gymnastic instructor.

Facility of floor exercise , pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars and high bars are available which help the students to improve and maintain good health.


NIET college canteen is not just the place where you go to eat. This place is an open arena for debate, argumentative sessions on different issues, kidding and having loads of fun with cutlets, burgers, tea, coffee and coke in between as gap fillers.

The institute has well furnished canteens which are providing facilities for students as well as faculty members.

It is the force of food and friends that drive you to come to a canteen as often as you can. NIET College canteens build up an ambience of rendezvous where you would love to spend all day with pals keeping away all hassles of mundane living.


Presently, the bus facility is being provided from New Delhi, all parts of Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad. From this session it may be available from several other places provided enough number of students are available. Students are charged on basis of actuals.

Medical Plant Garden

Today, there is a great demand of herbal medicines in the market on account of its no or less side effects in comparison to allopathic medicines. The Department has a Medicinal Plant Garden with a number of rare plant species. More than 100 plants of medicinal and aromatic importance have been established and being maintained in the Herbal Garden. For this purpose there are facilities in Pharmacy institute for developing various herbal drugs and formulations. The training at garden is an integral part of the curriculum and the various species of the medicinal plants used by the students for their projects and research work generates interest in the subject. Pharmacology and Natural Product lab of the department also deals with studies with different crude drugs and phytochemicals.

Click here to List of Medicinal Plants with their Chief Constituents

Instrumentation Lab

Pharmacy Institute now houses two laboratories with state of the art instruments. Apart from this the Central Instrumentation Facility, equipped with high value sophisticated instruments, has been created in order to cater to the needs of different departments and for maximum utilization of instruments. The facilities are extensively used by Under Graduate Students, Post Graduate Students and Doctoral Research Scholars.


S No. Name of Instrument
1. Flame photometer
2. Fluorimeter
3. Potentiometer
4. Auto Karl Fischer titrimeter
5. Moisture balance
6. Sonicator
7. PH meter
9. Trinocular microscope
10. PH meter analyzer
11. Conductivity meter
12. Digital balance
13. UV-vis Spectrophotometer
14. UV-vis Spectrophotometer
15. PH meter (tutor)
16. Polarograph
17. Nephelometer
18. Magnetic stirrer with hot plate
19. Colorimeter
20. Magnetic stirrer
21. FT-IR Spectrometer
22. KBr press
23. Colorimeter
24. Refractometer
25. Microwave oven
26. Microwave oven
27. Viscometer
28. Rheometer
29. Melting point apparatus
30. Disintegration apparatus
31. Filter assembly
32. Biochemistry analyzer
33. Gel electrophoresis
34. Homogenizer
35. i- disso
Machine Room


S.No Instruments Name
1 Ampoule sealing machine
2 Ampoule washing machine
3 Ball mill
4 Bottle filling machine
5 BOD incubator
6 Bottle sealing machine
7 Bottle washing machine
8 Bernoulli's theorem apparatus
9 Centrifuge
10 Capsule counter
11 Clarity test apparatus
12 Double cone blender
13 Disintegrator motor driver
14 Friability test apparatus
15 Digital Hardness tester
16 Hand grinding machine
17 Hydraulic bench
18 Marc press (Tincture press)
19 Notch apparatus
20 Collapsible ointment filling machine
21 Orbital shaking incubator
22 Orifice meter
23 Pitot tube apparatus
24 Reynolds apparatus
25 Sieve shaker
26 Tablet punching machine (sixteen station)
27 Tablet counter
28 Tablet coating pan
29 Hand Tablet punching machine
30 Tray dryer
31 Electric tablet punching machine
32 Venturimeter
33 Digital balance10mg
34 Tablet polishing pan
35 Capsule filling machine
36 Tube sealing machine
Laboratories Lab Description
1 Pharmaceutics Lab I
2 Pharmaceutics Lab II
3 Physical Pharmacy Lab
4 Microbiology Lab (with aseptic room)
5 Pharmacognosy Lab
6 Phytochemistry Lab
7 Pharm. Chem. Lab-I
8 Pharm. Chem. Lab-II
9 Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab
10 Computer Lab
11 Anatomy and Physiology Lab
12 Pharmacology Lab
13 Pharmaceutics Research Lab I
14 Pharmaceutics Research Lab II
15 Pharmacology Research Lab
16 Pharm. Chem. Research Lab